Pallet Forks

Manufacturer: GRAXX — "PG" Pallet Forks (adjustable fork holder)

The pallet fork enables handling palletized loads. In GRAXX portfolio their designation is "PG". They can have forks of various length at their end.

For fixing to different types of excavator quick couplers, the loading buckets for excavators feature various coupling systems. GRAXX offers S, MH, FL 45 or CW-type quick couplers which suit all-purpose quick couplers available on the market.

The main assemblies of loading buckets are:

  • coupling assembly
  • pallet forks, and
  • forks

The whole loading pallet fork structure is made using welding technology and milled S355 structural steel components connected with brackets components.

Fork of inadequate class must not be used. Only certified fork can be fixed to the pallet.


"PG" Pallet Forks

Type of attachment

Pallet Forks 

Unladen mass of the backhoe

12 – 28 tons

Quick coupler

FL45 / S45 / S60 / S70

Bucket dimensions

See bucket catalogue

Unladen mass

160 – 250 kg



Working element

Fork of adequate class

Control Hydraulic


1 person

If you are looking for a pallet fork that is not included in our offer, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We can make any type of pallet forks for excavators, with custom width and depth.

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